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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Nothing says comfort like a solid grilled cheese sandwich. It doesn’t have to be a high end style, special bread and French cheese to be good. However a few tips and a little know how will make for a solid result.

For the bread, our house preference is sourdough. However a whole grain bread or wheat bread is fine. To be honest the bread is actually a preference thing. We just prefer the taste and texture of a sourdough.

Cheese. Just a good cheddar, medium, sharp, doesn’t matter. Again, it’s preference.

Butter, (this is where my wife and I make totally different grilled cheeses. She is solidly on team butter). Now, butter works great, but it can be a pain to spread if it’s cold. If you’re doing several of these for the family, make it simple and make it good. So ditch the butter, and grab the mayo.

I know that sounds funny, but trust me. Personally I hate mayo and I never use it except for grilled cheese. Mayo however is not only easy to spread but there’s also some science behind it. The fat in the mayo transfers more heat so the cheese melts better and faster and also helps the bread toast evenly and fast. Plus because it’s easier to spread, it helps create a more even toast across the bread slices. The flavor is also a little different between mayo and butter. My wife will even admit that the mayo flavor is more luxurious.

That’s really it, no fancy bread or cheese. Just Mayo instead of Butter.

(Pro Tip: add a sprinkle of garlic powder on the mayo, it does wonders.)

I’m sure in the future we will do some insane grilled cheese worthy of 5 stars, but that’s another time.


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